It’s Mother’s Day

From many years ago – Happy Mother’s Day every-one.

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It’s Mother’s Day.  For all those of you who are mothers for the first time this year, congratulations.  As you know, you have entered an incredible and crazy world – which makes you incredible (hopefully, it doesn’t make you crazy.  If it is doing so, get yourself some help).  For those of you soon to become mums for the first time, congratulations also.  What a very special time.  Three quotes come to mind when I think of being a mother.

1.  “I haven’t done anything all day, except for put the washing out”.  A distraught and frustrated mum said to me from her bed.  She had forgotten that she had been doing a job that no-one else could do, and one that is super important – being a mother to her baby, and bringing up this nation’s future generation.  She is the one that her baby knows by smell, sound…

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