5 Responses to “The Failure To Wait Bridgade”

  1. Natalie Says:

    Well said, and I totally agree with every word. I was very angry recently as a friend was TOLD she would be induced on her due date as she’d had repeated bleeds from her cervix, although scans showed her baby was fine. During the final consultant meeting they said she no longer needed induction but they would still offer it if she wanted it, there were no medical indications whatsoever. My friend was seriously considering it too as she had this idea in her head her baby would be born on a certain date. Thankfully the baby had other ideas and was born a few days before its expected due date!

  2. Vicki Garlick Says:

    Yes, all too familiar 😦 I hope it all works out well for your client, and with the minimum interference.

  3. Linda Odenthal-Hesse Says:

    One of my friends got played the dead baby card too! And that was just a few days after her due-date. Luckily she understands statistics and referred to them, saying that she would wait until 14 days “over”due before discussing it again. Again luckily the baby was born before then (in the statistically correct timeframe) and did not have to discuss it again. How horrible it must be to have your home water hypno birth denied!!! So sad!

  4. Celine Says:

    I can totally relate to these cases and remember how you get indirectly pressured, especially after 2 days of monitoring after declining induction!!!

  5. Jen Hope Says:

    How sad that this sounds too familiar. At 12 days “overdue” and in early labour (with proof from the test they actually referred to as a lie detector) we waited 5 hours for a 5 minute consultation with the doctor who played the dead baby and statistics card. I was incredibly lucky to have my husband with me who I think enjoyed challenging each “statistic” by asking how they actually knew what the current statistics were as medically intervening in natural births skewed the data 🙂 I continued to labour slowly, comfortably and peacefully at home. And I would do it all again exactly the same!!

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